Recent Graduates

Miss your Harvard buddies? We're still here - come hang out!

We're not in Kansas anymore.

Gone are the days of centuries-old brick, snow days, and Spare Change newspapers. Oh wait, Harvard didn't give us snow days... Whatever. It snowed. And now it doesn't. For now we are in the land of golden sunsets, real tans, and freeways that begin with "the". No longer do we live and work within walking distance from all that we hold dear. The mile-long commute to the Quad is peanuts compare to the commute from Hermosa to Pasadena.

Separation anxiety may ensue. 

Fear not! We, the Recent Grads of Southern California are here to show you a good time. And reminisce fondly about Primal Scream '03 if that's what makes you happy.

Our mission is to have mixers and young-people-oriented local events that are a) not crazy expensive, and b) not limited to one industry. (Ahem, entertainment.) Sure a lot of us are involved in entertainment, but some of us are med students and teachers and PhD candidates. Don't we deserve to be loved, too?

If you're ready to be plugged in to the recent grad community in SoCal, please join our group here.

And, if you have an idea for a Recent Grad event, or would like to help out at an event, please email Lindsey Gary or Katie O'Brien.

You can also join our yahoo mailing list at


We hope to see you soon! Things aren't so bad on the sunny side, especially when you're in good company.

Harvard Love,

Lindsey Gary, AB '06
Katie O'Brien, AB '04
and Ali Binazir, AB, MD, MPhil, etc.