Be an Interviewer!


Thank you for your interest in becoming an alumni interviewer for Harvard College. Each year, members of our Schools & Scholarships Committee recruit and evaluate applicants to Harvard College. In the process, they cultivate critical relationships with parents, guidance counselors, other alumni/ae, and the general public. As the competition among colleges for the best students increases, so does our need for your help.

For the first time in Harvard’s history, more than 30,000 students have applied for undergraduate admission. Applications have doubled since 1994, and about half of the increase has come since the University implemented a series of financial aid initiatives over the past five years to ensure that a Harvard College education remains accessible and affordable to talented students from all economic backgrounds.

That's a lot of applicants to interview! It is our goal to provide interviews for all of our local applicants in the Southern California area, so now, more than ever, we are indebted to our team of alumni interviews who take on this monumental task.

We are grateful that you are interested in joining our efforts. Please email your name, school, class year, address, home and work phone numbers, and preferred email address to Dan Medina at He will get in touch with you regarding area assignments.