Welcome to the Anti-Racism Resources!

Within this perfect storm of COVID-19, economic upheaval, and racial unrest over the spate of violence perpetrated against black people, a remarkable thing has happened. People are taking a hard look at racism, but now, instead of accepting it as some deeply ingrained aspect of American culture that is “too difficult to tackle,” people want to do something about it.

In response to these events the Harvard Club of Southern California has formed an Anti-Racism Committee. The purpose of this committee is three fold:

  • To EDUCATE Harvard alumni in Southern California about racial inequality
  • To ENGAGE with each other on these issues
  • To SUPPORT efforts to dismantle systemic racism in all its forms and support the black community, particularly in Southern California

In the upcoming weeks we will be providing the Harvard community with opportunities to hear from experts, participate in workshops to recognize ones own complicity, and engage with one another over these issues.

Check out the BOOKS and ARTICLES to learn more about systemic racism and ways to address it. If you would like to support the black community here are PLACES TO DONATE as well as a list of BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES in Southern California.

This is a time for self-reflection but, more importantly, for action. We hope these resources and events will be helpful and welcome suggestions for future events and information that we can share with our community. We can all do something to make this a more equitable society. Let’s get to work!

Maiya Williams Verrone
John Luna
Co-Chairs HCSC Anti-Racism Committee